I affirm that I am a hirer in hire-purchase agreement engaged with Orico Auto Leasing (Thailand) Ltd. and being affected by COVID-19 virus, unable to pay installment as usual. Therefore, I agree to request moratotium with the conditions specified by the company.
If found that the information provided is not correct, I allow company to cancel the process without any arguments.

This project can register only 1 right per agreement.

A copy of the hirer’s ID card and proof of impact from COVID-19 must be attached for consideration.

Please fill out the form, Click >>  Register

Process :

1 Application

Please fill your information into the COVID-19 moratorium application form on OALT website.
*In case of holding more than one agreement, please apply one by one.
Please fill only hirer’s information For quick process, please make sure you fill information correctly and completely.

2 Result Announcement

OALT send SMS to mobile phone number filled in application form to inform the result after apply 15 working days.
*Please correctly input your mobile phone number and assure with the network service provider that you are not blocking the advertising SMS.

3 Confirmation

After an approval, OALT send new payment schedule and Memorandum for Hire-Purchase Contract and Suretyship Contract to the address filled in application form within 30 business days. You shall sign to certify the copy of required documents as following, then send back to OALT within 7 days after receive or considered to receive

Individual hirer and guarantor (If any) (Thai Citizen)

  1. Copy of valid ID card 1 copied
  2. Copy of name change certificate (If any) 1 copied

Individual hirer and guarantor(If any) (Foreigner)

  1. Copy of valid passport 1 copied
  2. Copy of Work Permit 1 copied
  3. Residence certificate 1 copied


  1. Copy of company certificate document (not over 3 months) ( With company seal) 1 copied
  2. Copy of authorized director’s ID card 1 copied
  3. Copy of authorized director’s name change certificate (If any) 1 copied

*If customer would like to change address, please inform before approve day.

Conditions :

  • Customers who received credit approval from the company before May 1st, 2021.
  • Not overdue for more than 90 days as of the date of joining the project.
  • Not in the legal process as of the date of joining the project.
  • The customer and the guarantor (if any) must sign the contract according to the terms of the company.
  • If the customer is approved to join the project, will not be canceled or can be changed.
  • Only one right can be registered per contract.

** Conditions for consideration are as specified by the company.

For more information, please contact to 02-026-5844 (Monday – Friday 8.30-17.30 ) or Line @oalt